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I first became interested in astronomy in 1971, when a high school friend, Steve Bell, introduced me to astronomy by inviting me to view Jupiter through his 3" Tasco refractor. The rest, as they say, is history.

In high school, I built my own 6" Newtonian reflector, including grinding the mirror. That was my main scope until 2000, when I purchased a Meade 10" LX-200 SCT. I also became interested in astrophotography that year, and am still very much learning how to take a decent astrophoto. I have posted a few of my better images on these pages.

I now live in western Pennsylvania and am a member of the Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh . Skies from my backyard are a Class 6 on the Bortle Dark-Sky Scale. I often travel to my favorite dark-sky site, Cherry Springs State Park, Pennsylvania. The skies there are truly dark, probably some of the darkest to be found in the eastern U.S. The skies there are a Class 2 on the Bortle scale.

I started this site in November 2001, and I plan to add to it as I take more images worth sharing. Please check back periodically.

My daughter and my LX-200 at Cherry Springs State Park, Pennsylvania

Here I am with my daughters on Panther Mountain in the New York State Adirondacks

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