Cygnus Region

Wide field shot of the constellation Cygnus (the Swan) and the surrounding region. This area is high overhead at mid-northern latitudes in the summer. This is a region of the Milky Way galaxy rich with stars and nebulosity. The bright red nebulosity left of center is NGC 7000, the North America nebula (so named because of its resemblance to a map of North America). The Veil Nebula, thought to be the remnant of an ancient supernova, is faintly visible near the bottom.

Date: July 30, 2003
Exposure: 30 + 45 minutes
50mm lens @ f/4 piggybacked on LX200
Guiding: SBIG STV
Camera: Olympus OM-1
Film: Kodak Supra 400 (non-starburst)
Scanned: Hewlett Packard S20
Processing: Two images combined in RegiStar. Adjusted curves and levels in Adobe Photoshop 6. Noise reduction with SGBNR
Ambient conditions: 54 F, 94% R.H.

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